The Central government brought an ordinance to end the violence against health workers, making it a cognizable, non-bailable offence with the imprisonment of up to seven years for those found guilty.

Those sensitive to stress-related sleep disruption are more likely to develop chronic insomnia, which, in combination with a major stressor, is a risk factor for PTSD.

Researchers say countries that have a current policy mandating BCG vaccination, a TB vaccine, have significantly slower growth of both cases and deaths, as compared to all other countries.

As of April 9, at least 27 health care personnel have died. That number, however, is probably an underestimation because health care personnel (HCP) status was available for just over 49,000 of the 315,000 COVID-19 cases reported to the CDC as of April 9.

Among patients who have been admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, the IDSA guideline panel recommends hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine in the context of a clinical trial.

After returning to work, healthcare workers should wear a facemask at all times while in the healthcare facility until all symptoms are completely resolved or until 14 days after illness onset, whichever is longer.

New research out of China shows that a minority of cases appear with gastrointestinal symptoms only. In about one-quarter of patients in the new study, diarrhea and other digestive symptoms were the only symptoms seen in mild COVID-19 cases.

— By Dr KK Aggarwal 532: What is Medical equipment: Disinfection and sterilization ? The type of cleaning, disinfection, and...

When an epidemic occurs, a physician should not abandon his duty for fear of contracting the disease himself.

Is there a link with long term pollution and COVID mortality? A new study sheds light on the connection between COVID-19 health impacts and air pollution.