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A group of Baloch activists disrupted the speech of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan at the Capital one Arena here on Sunday. Khan was addressing a massive gathering of around 30,000 people when a group of Baloch activists inside the venue stood up from their seats and started raising the slogans, demanding the independence of Balochistan.

Human rights activists from various Baloch organisations have been continuing their campaigns around the world to highlight the worsening human rights situation in Pakistan.

The four freshmen representatives have been targeted by Trump in a scathing Twitter tirade which started on Sunday. He had asked the leaders to got back to the "broken, crime-infested countries" they came from -- a claim which is being seen as a direct attack on Omar who was born in Somalia

Not every person missing is attributable to state. Many are there as part of TTP in Afghanistan elsewhere or got killed fighting as part of TTP. Those with the state are under legal process,