A research has found that people having selfish, deceitful, and aggressive personality traits are unlikely to reach top positions at workplace as compared to those who are generous, trustworthy, and generally nice.

The board of the airlines has approved a scheme for sending employees on leave without pay for a time period ranging from six months to two years which can be extended up to five years.

Thanking the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for their precautionary steps, he added, "I would like to thank the BMC for taking such good care of them, and for fumigating and sterilising the entire society."

MEA said Pakistan officials indulged in actions that are not in conformity with their privileged status in the High Commission and also Pakistan has been engaged in a sustained campaign to intimidate the officials of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

"MAHE's entry into the Times Higher Education's list of top 500 Universities of the world by Reputation is the culmination of the efforts of the last five years. All my faculty, staff and students are to be congratulated for this stellar performance. I expect to see an even better outcome in 2020", said Dr H Vinod Bhat, Vice Chancellor, MAHE.

The research, done by Portland State University highlights the consequences of an abusive supervision, which is becoming increasingly common in workplaces