Downey and Gibbs focused mostly on the teacher evaluations, because they followed children all the way to fifth grade, although the results from parents were comparable.

It was noted that the cost of the car was a significant predictor of yielding, with the odds that they would stop decreasing by 3 per cent per $1,000 increase in the car's value.

This relationship depended on the presence or absence of the stress-related variant of the SERT gene, indicating a potential specific brain marker associated with susceptibility to stress during problem-solving.

Taken the account of the entire Finnish population, approximately three out of one hundred children are placed outside the home at some stage of their childhood.

Researchers have come up with a study focusing on the only way to get more oxygen to the brain which is to get more blood to the brain by increasing blood flow.

Behaviours related to disordered eating were reported by 51.7 per cent of girls, and 45 per cent of the boys, with strict exercise and meal skipping to lose weight or prevent weight gain being the most common.

Once convinced that more exercise would benefit them, students were asked what they needed to get started. The single most significant factor was behavioral confidence

The modeling showed that the biggest differences came from using reflective materials and planting trees. Shandas said green roofs provided localised cooling of the roofs themselves, especially when watered, but that they needed to be studied further before they could be considered as a broader solution for urban heat.

Energy poverty is when a household has no or inadequate access to energy services such as heating, cooling, lighting, and use of appliances due to a combination of factors: low income, increasing utility rates, and inefficient buildings and appliances.

There was no significant difference between the proportion of male and female owners willing to let their pet donate. However, cat owners were less likely to let their pets donate than dog owners, as were owners aged 71 years or more, and those who worked full time.