The study found that Coronavirus may linger on human skin for 9 hours, much longer than the flu viruses can. The influenza A virus (IAV) remains active on human skin for nearly 2 hours.

People tend to spend more of their time doing enjoyable activities with friends than they do with family members, finds study.

We have become so attached to smartphones that we tend to get anxious and panicky if it is not around us for sometime or haven’t seen it for hours.

New Delhi: A review of COVID-19 studies reveals a troubling connection between two health crises: coronavirus and obesity. From COVID-19...

Despite what adults may think, kids' search for new discoveries is anything but random. Results showed children approached exploration systematically, to make sure they didn't miss anything.

According to the National Institutes of Health, women are considered "overweight" if they have a BMI of 25 or higher and are "obese" if their BMI is 30 and higher.

New Delhi: In a new study based on teenagers, researchers found that biased attention among adolescents, teenagers who tend to...

Clinical studies have demonstrated that people with diabetes or chronically high levels of blood sugar struggle to improve their aerobic exercise capacity compared to people with normal blood sugar levels.

New Delhi: Two daily fasting diets, also known as time-restricted feeding diets, are effective for weight loss, according to a...

The results confirmed the negative change in behavior, indicating that children with obesity fare worse on weight control lifestyle programs while at home compared to when they are engaged in their school curriculum.