Women are less likely to own mobile phones on their own, use them less often when they have access, and have poorer information and communications technology skills compared to men, creating second-level (skill-related) digital divides on top of first-level (access-related) ones.

The results suggest that children, especially girls who attend school for longer, will have better memory abilities in old age.

The MPV staff displayed professionalism and dedication by shifting these ladies to appropriate hospitals safely in quickest possible time.

This is a unique initiative by Team of Five - Hum Paanch High 5. The group of 5 social activists are distributing sanitary napkins to women during lockdown.

"We respect each other and by allowing the procession to pass through, we have not done anything unusual. We have allowed buses and ambulances also," Shaheen, one of the protesters told ANI here.

Ministry of Home Affairs has sanctioned a sum of Rs 100 crores from Nirbhaya Fund for setting up/strengthening of Women Help Desks in Police Stations. This scheme would be implemented by the States and Union Territories.

"Not so much talking as woman, I am Nirmala and will remain so ... We will remain Sabla. In our party, all are Sabla," Nirmala said adding that there was no question of being 'Nirbala'.

The government has released notifications to make travel free for women in all Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and cluster buses on the basis of issuance of “Single Journey Free Travel Pass” by bus conductors.

The Prime Minister said that efforts are being made to encourage youth to be associated with sports and contribute towards society. "This is the reason why many people like Babita Phogat have joined BJP and are working with full dedication," Modi said.

Half-centuries from both the openers consolidated India's position in the chase.