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Here are the most popular emojis of 2021; Take a look

A report released by Unicode Consortium reveals that ‘Face with tears of joy’ is the most popular emoji of 2021.

New Delhi: A data has been released by the Unicode Consortium about the most used emojis in 2021. The Unicode Consortium is a not-for-profit organisations that sponsors the development and maintenance of international Bidirectional Algorithm for Language (BEL) coding systems.

According to the data, “Face with tears of joy” is ranked number one. It accounted for more than 5% of all the emojis used. Hearts come in the second position followed by rolling on the floor laughing, thumbs up, and loud crying face taking the 3rd, 4th, and 5th spots.

The report also looked into emojis by categories. Flags that consist of the maximum number of emojis were least used by the users. As per the report, rocket ship emoji topped from the Transport-air category while flexed bicep was the most used under Body-parts.


Under categories, Face-smiling and Hands were most of the frequently used emojis. Plants and Flowers emojis were also frequently used which subsided the ‘Animal and Nature’ category which has the least number of emojis. From the plants’ category, ‘plant bouquet’ is the most frequently used emoji while ‘butterfly’ is the most used one from the animal category.

Notably, the top 200 list contains bigger jumps. The ‘birthday cake’ emoji jumped to 25th position from the 113 spot. The ‘balloon’ emoji reached 48th position from 139, ‘pleading face’ from 97th place jumped to 14th position.

The Coronavirus pandemic has enabled the use of microbes emojis which barely entered the 500 lists. Two health-related emojis namely the hot and woozy faces took a place in the top 100 emojis used in 2021. There are only 3,663 emoticons and the top 100 emojis contain 82% of total emojis shared based on usage.

The report by Unicode Consortium helps to understand and gauge which emojis are the most popular ones and which helps them to decide which character to add next.