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How to share your Uber ride with someone? Check step-by-step guide

Uber users can also communicate the status of their travel with their friends and family.




New Delhi: Uber, a taxi-hailing service, has grown in popularity and is now one of the most commonly used apps in our daily lives. Users have access to a number of features, including safety features. Uber users can also communicate the status of their travel with their friends and family.

Uber features a section called “Trusted Contacts” where you may share your current position and projected arrival time for your journeys with up to 5 people.

Here are the measures you may take to let your friends and family know about your Uber travel status.

How to set up Uber’s ‘Trusted Contacts’:

1. Go to the “Settings” section of the Uber app.

2. Now select “Manage Trusted Contacts” from the drop-down menu. Contacts you can rely on.

3. From your contact list, write down the names of these people (up to 5).

4. After that, you have three options: “Don’t remind me; I’ll manually share my excursions,” “Remind me at night (9pm to 6am), or “Remind me before every journey.”

5. You may now simply swipe up and press “Share My Trip” whenever you’re on a ride.

Users can share their ride status by copying a link at the bottom by pressing on “Send Status” and pasting it on other applications like WhatsApp, SMS, and more if they haven’t set up their trusted contacts list or don’t want to.

Regardless of whether or not they use the Uber app, the receiver will receive real-time location updates as well as the driver’s first name and car details. If they observe anything odd, the trustworthy contacts can alert authorities.

If you don’t want to share your Uber location with these people, go to the Trusted Contacts menu and touch the “Remove Trusted Contact” button at the bottom of their name.