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Railways launches robot to fight Covid-19, ‘Captain Arjun’ will screen passengers, sanitize floors

‘Captain Arjun’ will serve as an innovative and effective tool to contain the pandemic as it will assist the Railway staff in screening passengers.

New Delhi: Indian Railways has gone a step ahead in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from strengthening its basic infrastructure, it has launched a robot to aid the railway staff in the screening of passengers.

This is as an innovative and effective tool to contain the pandemic as it will serve as a dual purpose machine.

Captain Arjun

Firstly, it will help the Railway employees in ensuring basic guidelines at the premises while it will also reduce chance of virus transfer.

Robotic Captain ARJUN was launched online today by Arun Kumar, Director General (RPF), Railway Board.

“Captain ARJUN is equipped with a motion sensor, one PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera) and one Dome camera. The cameras use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to track suspicious activity and antisocial activity, has an inbuilt siren, motion-activated spotlight H-264 Processor, there is also in-built internal storage for recording in case there is a network failure,” Central Railway said in a press release.


Captain ARJUN can be deployed for multiple uses and it is an effective element in station access control and will augment the station security plan, said a leading daily quoting its inventor Alok Bohra DIG/RPF, Central Railway.