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Trouble mounts for Dr Vivek Bindra, cops check CCTV footage to collect evidence against the Motivational Speaker

The popular youtuber is now facing criminal charges and might face a long legal battle to get rid of the allegations levelled against him.




Vivek Bindra

New Delhi: Trouble is mounting for Motivational speaker Vivek Bindra after his ex-wife filed a domestic violence complaint against the Youtuber. Noida police reached his house in Noida sector-94 to look for evidence on the charges levelled against him by his wife. Vivek Bindra’s brother-in-law filed the complaint against him when the youtuber allegedly assaulted her. His wife suffered serious injuries and had to be admitted in a hospital. The couple was married on December 6 and the couple had an argument which resulted into a

Vivek Bindra’s mother and wife record statements with Police

Motivational Speaker’s wife and mother record their statements in the Police station after the youtuber assaulted his wife a day after their wedding. Vivek Bindra’s brother-in-law filed a complaint against him and alleged that his sister was abused and assaulted physically. She was admitted to the hospital due to the physical injuries.

Vivek Bindra facing criminal charges

The popular youtuber is now facing criminal charges and might face a long legal battle to get rid of the allegations levelled against him. Apart from facing domestic violence charge, the famous youtuber and motivational speaker has also compromised on his credibility in front of his youtube subscribers who used to follow him.

AICTE issue big clarification

Amid the ongoing rift between Dr Vivek Bindra and famous Youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari, the All India Council of Technical Education has issued a clarification which says, “This is to inform all stakeholders that such a crash course is an attempt to misguide the young minds of the country. As per the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgement, NO Institution/ University can run technical course(s) including MBA/Management courses (leading to Post Graduate degree) without taking approval from AICTE. MBA is a two-year post-graduate degree course designed to equip individuals with advanced skills and knowledge in various aspects of Business and Management,” the notice by AICTE read.

Vivek Bindra Vs Sandeep Maheshwari

The issue came to light when famous Youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari posted a video in his youtube channel titled ‘Big scam exposed’. The video shows many students being asked to invest money in some marketing courses. However Dr Vivek Bindra denied any wrong doing. However both the youtubers received lots of support from their fans in social media requesting both of them to resolve the differences.