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After DOGE, Shiba Inu bulls gets ready for a 20% rally

In a bullish scenario, SHIB can go on to extend its upward rally towards $0.0000400 which will be a 40% ascent.

Ashish Kumar



Shiba Inu

New Delhi: Cryptocurrencies market showed some green indexes on Saturday as global crypto market capitalisation saw an increase of 0.50% over the last 24 hours to stand at $2.05 Trillion.

The DeFi accounted for 15.14% of the total crypto volume, standing at $12.76 billion over the last 24 hours, while the volume of stable coins stands at $67.57 billion with 80.17% percent of the total crypto.

Shiba Inu increased marginally in the 24 hours and is moving around its recent recorded low. A minor upward movement from here can trigger a potential upswing for the coin.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has created a demand zone as it rallied almost 30% from January 10. An upward movement from here can lead the price toward the $0.0000320 level after which it will encounter a minor barrier.

SHIB is still recovering from the blow which is helping to set up a new upward swing. As per experts, investors can expect the SHIB’s price to retrace towards a demand zone ranging from $0.0000253 to $0.0000287.

A retest from this hurdle can eventually activate a huge spike for SHIB. This move will give the coin a chance of run-up by 20%  towards its next barrier at around $0.0000340 price level.Shiba Inu looks to move higher; hinting 25% upswing

In a bullish scenario, SHIB can go on to extend its upward rally towards $0.0000400 which will be a 40% ascent.

The daily demand zone ranging from $0.0000253 t0 $0.0000287 will play a crucial role in determining the fate of the coin.

In another scenario, a 4-hour candlestick close below $0.oooo253 price level will lead SHIB towards a lower low. This will invalidate the bullish scenario for the meme coin and in this situation, it can drop to revisit the $0.0000237 support level.

A four-hour candlestick close below $0.0000253 will create a lower low, invalidating the bullish thesis for Shiba Inu price. In this situation, SHIB could revisit the $0.0000237 support level.