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Give up drinking tea to save ‘sinking’ economy: Pak Minister’s appeal to people (VIDEO)

Pakistan is in the throes of economic crisis and the leadership is clueless on how to save the sinking economy.

Jyoti Tiwari




New Delhi: Pakistan is in the throes of economic crisis and the leadership is clueless on how to save the sinking economy. Pakistan government’s desperation and frustration came to the fore on Tuesday as a Federal Minister today appealed to the citizens to reduce their intake of tea to save the economy, which is on the brinke of abyss.

“I will appeal to the nation to reduce one cup of tea”, said Ahsan Iqbal in press conference, while making an appeal for saving the economy.

Ahsan Iqbal is the Pakistan Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Special Incentives.

Pakistan is in deep economic crisis as the inflation is at record high, prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing, petrol pumps are getting short of fuel. The country, neck deep in debt, is following on the footsteps of Sri Lanka and may soon be heading for disastrous times.

It’s because of this extreme chaos that the leadership is appealing to govt depts as well as citizens to slash spending as it will trim the high deficit that the country is facing. Staring at default, the nation has also sought immediate financial assistance from International Monetary Fund (IMF) but its negative record books have only made matters worse.

Netizens poke fun at Pak Minister

The video clip of Pak minister’s appeal to reduce tea went viral in no time and as epxected the netizens were unsparing in deriding him & the ruling dispensation.

Political bickering over economic mess

As the nation goes into disarray over spiralling debts, the ruling dispensation and opposition parties are engaged in war of words and are also blaming each other.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal accused former PM Imran khan of putting politics over country.

Talking to media in Islamabad, he said, “Imran khan deliberately gave subsidy on petrol to give tough time to the next government.”
However, he exuded confidence that the economy will stabilized in next few months.