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Israeli PM Naftali Bennett discusses Ukraine-Russia situation with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Following his meeting with Russian President Putin, the Israeli PM also spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

New Delhi: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Germany, where both sides discussed several issues, including the situation between Ukraine and Russia.

Bennett first arrived in Moscow on Saturday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. After a stop in Moscow, he concluded his visit to Germany and headed back to Israel in the early hours of Sunday morning, reported The Times of Israel.

Following his meeting with Putin, the Israeli PM also spoke with Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelensky.

Zelenskyy, after the talks, tweeted, “Prime Minister of Israel @naftalibennett called me after his meeting with Vladimir Putin. We continue the dialogue.”

Bennett’s spokeswoman, Anna Jonathan-Leus, told Sputnik on Sunday, Bennett has held a third phone conversation with Volodymyr Zelenskyy over the last 24 hours.

“Yes, he spoke. For the third time in 24 hours,” Jonathan-Leus said.

Earlier on Wednesday, Putin spoke to Bennett where both discussed the special military operation to “protect” Donbas. “Vladimir Putin discussed the special military operation to protect Donbas with Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett,” President of Russia had tweeted.


Israeli Prime Minister also offered his country’s intermediary services on Ukraine to Putin. “Naftali Bennett offered Israel’s intermediary services to suspend military actions,” the Kremlin said.

Putin said special military operations are being launched “to protect” the people in the Donbas region. Putin also warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to “consequences”.

Leaders from a number of countries including the UK, the US, Canada and the European Union have condemned Russia’s military operations in the Donbas region.

Ukraine war

Russian forces launched military operations in Ukraine on February 24, three days after Moscow recognized Ukraine’s breakaway regions – Donetsk and Luhansk – as independent entities.