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‘No doubt, he will be the PM again’: PM Modi’s Pakistani sister Qamar Mohsin Shaikh wishes him for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Qamar Mohsin Shaikh’s wish for PM Modi this Raksha Bandhan is all that one sister can wish and pray for.

Neha Singh



Qamar Mohsin Shaikh

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Pakistani sister Qamar Mohsin Shaikh who has done done all the preparations to meet PM Modi this Raksha Bandhan and is hoping to be in Delhi on this special occasion and has also sent the sacred thread (Rakhi) and has wished him for the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

Speaking to a news agency, ANI, she said that she has mad all the preparations for Raksha Bandhan and is expecting to meet PM Modi this time.

She said that she is hoping that PM Modi will be calling her to Delhi this time. She said she has done all the preparations and she has  made the Rkhi herself using Reshmi ribbon with embroidery design.

Along with the rakhi, she has also written a letter to him wishing  for his good health and long life. She also mentioned about the 2024 Lok Sabha  election.

PM Modi

She further said that she has no doubt and PM Modi will be the PM again. She said, he deserves this because he has all the capabilities and she wishes him to be PM of India every time.

She also asked him to continue working like he does.