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Real or Reel? Story of ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ who successfully shot down 6 Russian fighter jets; Ukrainians draw hope and power

Many netizens are suggesting that the pilot may have become the “first 21st century fighting ace.”

New Delhi: With the Russian forces pounding Ukraine for four consecutive days with artillery and cruise missiles, the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ seemed to give hope to the Ukrainian people. Unconfirmed videos of a Ukrainian fighter jet are making headlines after it allegedly shot down six Russian aircraft. The videos have gone viral all over social media and the story of this unknown war hero has the potential of becoming an urban legend.

Reportedly, a MiG-29 shot down six Russian fighter jets within 30 hours. Many netizens are suggesting that the pilot may have become the “first 21st century fighting ace.” Many videos showing the Ukrainian fighter jet are circulating on the web, however, there is no confirmation whether the footages are from the present ground situation in Ukraine or not.

As per the aerial warfare terminology, ‘ace’ is a pilot who has shot down at least five aircraft in war.

Twitteratis are saying that the Ukrainian fighter jet has shot a Russian Su-35. Not knowing the identity of the pilot, social media users are calling him by the nickname ‘Ghost of Kyiv.’ Many are suggesting that the pilot may be the first since World War II to achieve the “ace status.”

A tweet was made by NEXTA, a European media service stating, “❗️One #Ukrainian pilot in 30 hours shot down six #Russian airplanes, including the Su-35, according to the Center for Counteracting Disinformation.

A Ukrainian pilot of a MiG-29 shot down: 2хSU-35, 1хSU-27,1хMiG-29, 2хSU-25. In the network he was called “The Ghost of Kyiv”.”

Another information service account Visegrad 24 tweeted a video of the alleged fighter jet, “Reports are coming that a Ukrainian pilot has shot down 6 Russian Aircraft today and might have possibly become the first 21st century fighter ace. The pilot, known as “the Ghost of Kyiv” and his MiG-29 were seen in numerous videos from today.”

The Defence of Ukraine also tweeted saying, “Dozens of experienced military pilots from the captain to the general, who had previously been discharged from the reserve, are returning to the Air Force…Who knows, maybe one of them is the air avenger on the MiG-29, which is so often seen by Kyivites! Everything will be Ukraine”

Also, promoting the video, the former president, Petro Poroshenko wrote, “In the photo – the MiG-29 pilot. The same “Ghost of Kiev”. It terrifies enemies and pride Ukrainians ? He has 6 victories over Russian pilots! With such powerful defenders, Ukraine will definitely win!”


Besides, the Ukrainian ambassador to the European Union Myloka Tochytskyi also shared the news of ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ and wrote, “One Ukrainian MiG-29 jet fighter pilot scored six victories in a single day in air battles with the Russians. He has been nicknamed as the “Ghost of Kyiv”. Another example of the willingness of the Ukrainian people to resist. The civilized world must help protect our freedom!”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s capital Kyiv has been under siege since Saturday while the Russian forces also entered the second city Kharkiv. However, according to the governor of the war-torn country, the Ukrainian army has successfully retaken Kharkiv. Notably, since day one of the war, 198 Ukrainians including three children have been killed.