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Who is Prince Charles? The new King after Queen Elizabeth II- longest-serving monarch in British history

Who is Prince Charles? The new King after Queen Elizabeth II- longest-serving monarch in British history

New Delhi: Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch in British history breathed her last on Thursday at the age of 96.  After her death, her eldest son, Charles, 73 succeeded as king immediately.

He has become the king of the United Kingdom and 14 other realms, ending a wait of more than 70 years.

Prince Charles has been ridiculed for talking to plants and obsessing over architecture and the environment, and he will also be long associated with his failed first marriage to the late Princess Diana.

The new King, will be known as the face of the modernization of the monarchy as he is the first British royal to not be home-schooled and also holds a university degree.

He will also be the king who grew up under intense media scrutiny.

Prince Charles

British monarch– King Charles III : Everything you need to know about him-

1.  Talking about the British monarchy’s line of succession, as Prince Charles is set to become the king, now his eldest son Prince William and wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are the first in the British monarchy’s line of succession.

2. They will be followed by their children – Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince Louis of Cambridge.

3. Prince Charles will who will now not only be the king, but will also be the head of the state for the UK and 14 other countries including Canada, Australia, Jamaica,  Belize, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

4. In 2018, Prince Charles was named as the queen’s designated successor as head of the Commonwealth, an association of 54 nations with connection to the British Empire. Also, in April 2021, the process caught the speed after the demise of his father Prince Philip.

5. Prince Charles, had earlier stated that he plans to reduce the number of working Royals, slash expenses and represent modern Britain better.

6. In 1992,  Prince Charles was in the limelight for his alleged affair with a married woman Camilla Parker Bowles and tensed divorce with Princess Diana in August 1996.

7.  In April 2005, Prince Charles married Camilla in a civil ceremony following which she became the Duchess of Cornwall.

8. In November 14, 1948, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George was born in Buckingham Palace. At the age of 20, Prince Charles became the Prince of Wales.

9. He studied history at UK’s Trinity College and with this he became the first royal to earn a University degree in 1970.

10. He was also trained as a Royal Air Force pilot and joined the Royal Navy, where he learned how to fly helicopters.