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Who was Marie Tharp, American geologist honoured with Google Doodle?

Who was Marie Tharp? Everything you need to know about American geologists.

Neha Singh



Marie Tharp

New Delhi: Google today honoured the life of Marie Tharp with its animated and interactive Doodle on its homepage.

She was a very well-known oceanographic cartography and American geologist.

It was because of her most revolutionary maps creation, which helped to think about how people see the world.

She also contributed to the first ocean floor map of the world.

The Library of Congress recognised Marie Tharp as one of the 20th century’s top cartographers on November 21, 1998.

Tharp was one of the greatest cartographers and geologists in history.

She used her research on both topics to support the theory of continental drift and other oceanic phenomena.

Who was Marie Tharp?

It was on July 30, 1920, that Marie Tharp was born.

She was first introduced to mapmaking by her father who worked for the US Department of Agriculture.

She completed her master’s degree in petroleum geology at the University of Michigan. Marie Tharp moved to New York City in 1948.

Tharp released the first-ever map of the ocean floor in 1957.

In 1995, she handed her complete collection of maps to the Library of Congress.

In 2001, she was given the annual Lamont-Doherty Heritage Award by the  Lamont Geological Observatory, where Tharp began her professional life.

Marie Tharp was named as one of the most important cartographers of the 20th century by the Library of Congress on the occasion of the 100th-anniversary celebration of its Geography and Map Division.