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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (August 13)




Message of the Day – By Renooji

Love from the heart of hearts!

If you have not taken care of your lives, your actions, your thoughts, then your relationships and associations will have a negative impact on your future.

So, just stop a while, reflect and contemplate, with a fair measure of familiarity with the connection to the healing frontiers through the grace of the living master, realign, reassess and reaffirm.

The teachings are important and will help you change your direction in life in sync with your driving force.

Reassuring you with inspiration and newfound gratefulness to create new positive thoughts, experiences and pleasure patterns for life experiences and goals, you will move on with joy and happiness.

Healing hugs of new realisations. Love from the dawn and the shining light.

Strongly stable, I live to love!

“I am fully empowered by all the actions of the healing processes, and I intelligently understand that the world will remain strong positive, balanced to always support me.”

Repeat at the navel chakra 8 times.