Message of the Day

Meditating on the light of creative intelligence, unfolding strength, compassion and healing, the light is allowing us to create a huge reservoir of renewable energetic consciousness.

Meditating on the light of greatest fortune, unfolding financial strength, compassion and healing, remain as it is allowing you to create a huge reservoir of new energy.

This exiting light enters a golden ball of light above your head. As these two lights meet, there is a downpour of golden rain. This energy enters your mind, your body, your spiritual destiny and your karma desires.

Smile and connect to your whole life, know that you are a healed and happy soul today.

We all must connect to the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to do things for the others too, people hold back because there is an unwillingness to give or share with others.

Know that your crowning glory is hidden in the hearts of unconditional gratitude, and clouds with a silver lining.

Splendid energies of good fortune are changing you for the better. Allow your inner heart to rejoice at knowing that you accept life as it unfolds, without trying to change it.

We should apply our time, our energy, and our life towards healing the self and others. Then no one can stop us from attaining the supreme light. We have lived wisely, acted wisely and now we have claimed.

As we all gallantly walk ahead under the umbrella of light, we are constantly drenched by the sublime waters of the nectarean universes who collaborate to infiltrate our world to be of service.

See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others through the light of love.