Message of the Day

As we all gallantly walk ahead under the umbrella of light, we are constantly drenched by the sublime waters of the nectarean universes who collaborate to infiltrate our world to be of service.

See the golden coins falling around you and gather them and share them with others through the light of love.

There are so many aspects in life which are auspicious and the abundance of which are constituted as wealth in our world. We are fully immersed in her blessings today as we celebrate her over the next eight days.

The more we reflect on what we really want, there is always a positive attitude and then a twist of consciousness which generates new ideas of churning desires.

A healer gains immense inner strength and purity of heart and knows that all worlds are filled with the manifestation of divine love.

Healing actions are flowing through your aura even now. Do them in awareness.

Finally, all these conversations are flowing through all your chakras and healing the spiritual aspects of perception and consciousness.

Unfolding in your heart today is a new found happiness, creating a centre of deep silence and satisfaction.

The more you see the energy, the faster and brighter is the spread of joy and happiness.

Take the knowledge and dress well, find comfort in all spaces as you heal, knowing that money cannot buy happiness or togetherness.