Message of the Day

Message of the Day – By Renooji 10.07.2020 Be grateful for your: Trees As we walk on Planet Earth ,...

So, be still; just like the plants in nature, listen, look and give of yourself and love generously; unconditionally and happily to the others. Healing hugs of deep trust. Love from the frontiers of silence.

Healing descends with the help of gravity to enter our crown chakras and yet again it is through gravity that healing flows out of our hands.

There is peace and knowledge that combines with the healing wealth to take us forward and a touch of healing can bring great changes in inter human relationships in the most intimate patterns of life.

The healing light will do the rest. Healing hugs of relished association. Love from the golden lotus.

The Divine has blessed us with this precious and rare human life, to cultivate Divine Love and spread it to one and all. So heal on.

Stay on the path of nurturing your spiritual consciousness and move into a zone of comfort with compassion as your constant companion. Healing hugs from the reservoir of wellness. Love from the ”well” of supreme value.

Healing brings us to the edge of enabling us to understand the real meaning and value of life, and the supreme purpose for which it has to be lived.

See this immense power and love flow to touch every pore and cell of your body.

Enjoying life, move on to love others. Healing hugs of deep comfort. Love from the replenishing universe.