Message of the Day

This whole wide world becomes the Divine Knowledge that you are in heaven already. Healing hugs of Divinity within.

There is a lot on your plate to do, so be patient with those who need you to do things differently.

Each day do some act of goodness. Give to a worthy cause. Help some individual. Make up your mind to save one soul everyday.

Every member of this world should realise their responsibility to awaken themselves, the children of this world, their family and their friends to the true love, light and splendour of spiritual life.

Healing hugs from larger dimensions of light. Love from the centre of the golden rings.

Learn to heal and trust the light with faith, dignity, permanence, and glory of the self so that we never forget: that we have to heal daily.

The steps climbing up the shining golden staircase lead us to the highest state of healing consciousness, blessedness, divine perfection, and finally liberation from all pain.

Know that you have been awakened by the healing presence of the touch of your Master, and you have been sent to Mother Earth to complete the healing work.

Choices that we take are dependent on prevailing conditions, situations and circumstances which may or may not be conducive or may not have the desired results or may not be to our satisfaction or benefit.

The intelligence that the Divine has given us is the gateway to heaven. It is the outer door to His Kingdom.