Message of the Day

As we traverse the healing universes we are excited, overjoyed and completely submerged in the pleasing exchange of energy, love and light.

Heal sufficiently to enhance your experience of speaking acting and pursuing without unnecessary external restrictions.

Heal sufficiently to move ahead and reach your goals with a human ability to recognise that the Divine does not design us for failure.

Healing hugs of contemplation. Love from the greatest ocean.

Heal everything that appears in your consciousness and know that you are fully connected and supported by me and the healing process. Healing hugs of continued gratitude. Love from the frontiers of the sky of light.

The fortunate healer aspires and continues to enjoy the connection and remains in bliss. Healing hugs of an empowering energy. Love from the nectar and flood.

Live your life under the umbrella of grace and wellness in your journey of life transforming your heart desires.

Actualise your intent and potential at the throat and affirm that you have enough. Healing hugs of prosperity. Love from the golden lotus of plenty.

Surround yourself with a purple light and see it transmitting this energy into every pore and cell of your body. Your aura turning to gold and dispersing this golden light to everything around you.

Knowledge unleashed gives us a great amount of happiness and joy, which through healing turns to immense gratitude.