Message of the Day

Your relationships so great that you want nothing else but Him. Healing hugs of great repute.

“Step out of your comfort zone and write a letter to yourself about the ten most important people you love or have loved.”

“Take four things; which you have inherited, received or been gifted by family; from your home/ kitchen/ cupboard and wash, clean, and respectfully place them in a safe place and start using them.”

During our life we are all mutually dependent upon and beneficial to one another. This fact has to be meditated upon. Healing hugs of nectar. Love from one another.

Message of the Day – By Renooji 26.07.2020 Be grateful for your: Neck. The strongest part of our body and...

Healing hugs of gratitude. Love from the limitless world Renooji.

One must continue on the path and then the highest devotion in this life will be actualised. Healing hugs of great achievement. Love from the heart of the song.

Dive deeply into the fragrance of the light and remain. Healing hugs of gratitude in the light of love. Love from the heart of the fragrant One.

Heal for the glory of hearing right and doing right in all areas of life. Healing hugs of charity and austerity. Love from the frontier of sacrifice.

So use your eyes to give spiritual help to those who are seeking relief from their troubles.