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Message of the Day 20th Nov





The Jupiter light is here!
Golden shades are floating!
Meditate and initiate !
Engage successfully to your life path and heal! Healing evokes balance, music,
resonance, joy, bliss and truthfulness.
Try this meditation daily or whenever you can spare a few minutes to pamper
yourself. Experience what happens when you are in the middle of a conversation, or
working at a desk or even out walking or even when you are slipping into bed. In this
moment just invite the universal life force (Gold and platinum light) animating each
and every cell of your human body. Continue doing whatever you are doing and just
radiate this light while feeling that you can share it with others. See other souls also
receiving this energy from you. Feel deeply connected to yourself and all of the world
around you. Notice how it enables you to interact and respond to the call of the
others, who are needing the light from you. Experience the innate universal life force
flowing and assisting and responding to your call for more nourishment. You are
tapping into wisdom, peace, joy, and immense stillness. Share in the moment. Be
happy. Healing hugs of the Golden light enhancing the healing existence. Love from
the transforming light, which is perfect for each soul to unfold talent.
The harmonics of your soul are real tools for transformation and healing, to help you
on your journey. To support you on your way. To remind you of what you already
know and to free you from the illusion of the world you live in.