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Astrology 2022: Message of the Day (December 28)





Message of the Day – By Renooji



Our feelings and our self awareness are very important to direct us towards the sounds of the claps of compassion and surrender. Freely granted,supremely important and duly prepared, we walk on the path of bliss and moment to moment savour the truth of eternal life. In many ways we are unique, as every soul carry’s the soul imprint of the light of healing far exceeding the capacity to absorb and share. We are always looking to bring ourselves back to the spiritual path. Healing is a way to put ourselves back to live a life of right action and offering the light to the world in every thought, word and action. As empowered beings of light, majestically moving towards serving, we are honoured to be devotees of the light. Healing hugs to safely develop on the path. Love from the entrance door of renunciation.

TOES CHAKRAS- The storyline is great and the travel safe, but the thumping majority of souls leaves much to be desired and thus finding a living master is very important and the footsteps take us to the right direction and we reach our destination.

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