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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (April 1)

Experience more joy with love and a greater sense of unity with all that is.





Meditation – One

Assume a sitting position. Gently glide your hands to your heart, close your eyes and allow the golden light to flood you and your aura. See a beautiful golden light flowing down like a waterfall upon and around you.
Then open your eyes and continue to read this message further and know that everything you read is going to happen in your aura to resurrect perfection in your healing plan. Living a spiritually guided life is putting you in a place of alignment. Enlightenment is happening in the now and we are moving your consciousness to your highest crown chakra. Here the link to the golden light is connecting you to your soul path. Bringing down a deeper connection to this golden light, with love, sublime bliss, intuition and happiness helping you to opening your inner self to divine gifts. See the light spreading from your heart to your soul as wisdom. Experience more joy with love and a greater sense of unity with all that is. Know that you are open to the light. Healing hugs of a deep unity with yourself. Love from the height of the golden river of light.

The Highest Crown Chakra:
The Lowest Root chakra:
Engage with these chakras to benefit your heart desires and heart consciousness. See love and the golden light everywhere.

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