Now is the time to take action to move forward as the golden light is highlighting your future and every step will be taken in the right direction, moving you into a new zone of acceptance.

Concentrate on the divine wisdom unfolding in your spiritual consciousness and know that you are an intelligent soul.

As you move forward there is a revelation by someone who is birthed in truth and this has the power to shake your foundation.

Allowing others to control your mind and tell you what to do are things of the past. Rejoice as you take a major decision. If you have moved into a new house, you will be very comfortable and happy, if not then it is time to invest in something new.

The journey of life is sometimes unfolding a little bit of happiness with some sadness. It converts all happy memories into a space of healing and unhappiness into a giant source of deep negative reflection.

Matters which you may have neglected in the past are being relooked at and will bring in revenue which will last. You will be happy at home as well, but there are many who will have to take root in the changing grid of life experiences today which will manifest happiness.

Optimism and a positive attitude, impact not only our day to day life but also our sincerity in our healing work. Continue to watch yourself and your motivations with an astute mind.

The world is waiting, are we ready to brave and embrace the gigantic light of complete mindfulness and live in the grace?

You have to be your own boss and advocate to pursue success and happiness. Changing things at the last minute will be better as after the work begins things can not be put into new avenues.

The drops of nectar will continue their downpour and we will all be the worthy recipients of this giant heart – sharing.