It is time to plan the changes when life is looking good.

Know that the light is, will be and has always been in our heart. Connect and heal on.

Intelligence and charm are spreading your wisdom, strength, compassion and healing and allowing some new opportunities to flow into your aura to encourage greater productivity.

Today enjoy this glorious descent and know that Sat-Chit-Anand (truth, consciousness and bliss) is with you, in you and outside you for ever.

There are seldom any situations in life that don’t need the gentle nudge of the light to move along and yet there are many moments that we need assistance to move the boulders.

Prove your intent to yourself by taking new charge. You have been seeing some hiccups in your financial destiny, and today you will be reassured that things are in control.

Healing brings us to the creative process and we know that the foundation we are creating is for our own welfare. Healing hugs of deep contemplation.

You are in harmony with your inner and outer self.

Your efforts and hard work will be successful in reviving the business. There will also be success to some extent

Eventually you will be able to resolve differences with all of the people and there will be happiness at the work being completed well. Just rest well as tomorrow is also a hectic day of work