Astrology 2020: Carry your career forward with the help of many people who love you unconditionally, and it is time that you work hard and prove your mettle.

Astrology 2020: She stops all motion. Silences the mouth, and stops all words of evil beings. She controls the tongue.

Focus on the patterns you want to unfold. This can also be a good time to meet up with old friends. Honour the people in your life and play a good role in enhancing their life.

Tripura Sundari unites the sixteen syllables of Shiva and Shakti, fulfilling all desires and requests.

Daily Horoscope: You need to have a little faith for the staff to work according to your directions.

Daily Horoscope: Consolidate your inputs and some artificial intelligence project could be coming your way for some of you.

Astrology 2020: She demonstrates the rare courage needed to make the highest conceivable sacrifice. She blesses us from the direction of the highest healing light.

Daily Horoscope: The less you escape into your inner world, the better for your work. This will lead to huge achievements that leave you thrilled for some time.

Daily Horoscope: Growing concerns within the family need to be kept secret, otherwise a scandal is waiting to happen.

Message of the Day: She is beyond time and takes away the darkness and fills us with the light of wisdom. Healing hugs of great insight.