A good period for travel, especially spiritual and understanding the spiritual wisdom, strength, compassion and healing unfolding in your heart.

When connected to healing, one can easily walk the path with single heartedness, and walk all the way for the love of the Divine.

The mind, the intellect and the ego plus the transcendental and the material all co-join with the cosmic intelligence and the five elements to create a healing moment in all the realms.

Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah predicts the upcoming week (January 22 - January 28, 2021) for you. Check the details here to see how stars are placed for your number.

You are very special to the people at home and they want you happy at any cost. Meditate and take long walks for better health.

Message of the Day: Through healing and the process of devotion, one can control the mind and be immersed and connected to the “Exalted Grace.”

Relax and continue with the work you are doing. There will be a decisive energy that you will need to channel to create success in your journey of life.

20.01.2021 Remove enemies and obstacles, and, speed up your spiritual progress. It will transform your enemies to friends and obstacles...

Daily Horoscope: There is a new charisma in your attitude and this brings back a project to the negotiation table. Success is written in bold on everything that you will take on as a challenge.

Astrology 2020: Be the architect of your new future. Be real healers and bring great glory, real greatness, boldness and courage into every action as you heal on.