Make better choices and go over how you have done things, expand your decisions to include what you really want to do today.

It you get distracted at work today, you may end up making a very important conversation with your romantic relationship, that could lead to marriage for some of you.

You will inspire success to happiness and prosperity for you and your immediate future.

You will have to admit that you miscalculated the wrong time schedule and are directly responsible for the delayed work schedule.

There is peace and knowledge that combines with the healing wealth to take us forward and a touch of healing can bring great changes in inter human relationships in the most intimate patterns of life.

The healing light will do the rest. Healing hugs of relished association. Love from the golden lotus.

Restrain yourself from any anguish so that you can heal your heart and mend your strained relationships.

See this immense power and love flow to touch every pore and cell of your body.

Resolve to stay away from conflict and remain humble to gather all that is due to you. Changing patterns of health of a parent could be a cause of worry.

Enjoying life, move on to love others. Healing hugs of deep comfort. Love from the replenishing universe.