Healing that is firmly rooted in the heart is given the name of love. Healing hugs of transformation. Love from the essence of love.

You will find it easy to express yourself with the people around you also reciprocating willingly to initiate the betterment.

Message of the Day – By Renooji When healing is truth, consciousness and bliss solidified ….. then know that the...

You need to remain calm as some issues pending since a long time have been pushed under the carpet are now coming up to be addressed and resolved. You are strong and composed and this reflects in your interaction with others.

As the days of the effulgence and efficiency of the platinum light flow through your energy field, know that you need the understanding of your true purpose of life.

Now as you have opened your eyes, know that you are your body one more time, filled with the liquid gold. Thank this moment, this time, this opportunity.Healing hugs of all varieties.

There are super-mood swings of family members and your workforce members are troubled as you are taking a long term rule of time to set people in place.

Your family and friends are needing help from you regarding their personal decisions, and you will be more than willing to help resolve the issues with love and friendship.

You will be financially stable today and you will be rewarded with a financial award that leaves you extremely satisfied and happy.

When one fully surrenders one's whole heart and soul, then pure love and healing restsin our hearts.