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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (September 7)

The thing is that objects and people change, they leave us, things wear out, people and things are fragile and sometimes unreliable.


The Retreat Begins!

Meditations on the Self.

When we heal, we come to the realisation that happiness and suffering have mental, not physical causes. Of course, there is a basic need for everyone to contemplate suffering and happiness. The first is that objects and people change. They leave us, things wear out, people and things are fragile and sometimes unreliable. Relationships, status, and health can change in an instant. We could lose our job tomorrow, our partner could leave us, we could fall ill, or have an accident. We could go from being respected to being ridiculed, justly or otherwise. Remember that life is about constant change, and not all things are seen or controlled by us personally. Eventually, we are going through this process of life, learning that everything is in a space of uncertain change. Even when all the above things are changing and happening, we are connected to our thoughts. Our minds can change our life perceptions and projections. Even when things are in constant, our minds can create agitation and changes in our quality of life. We must continue to live life with enthusiasm and prosperity and leave the conjecturing of suffering to and in the light
of healing for now and forever. Healing hugs of transforming collective wisdom consciousness. Love from the ocean of the majestic presence of spirituality.


As we awaken to the reality of our soul consciousness, the findings of the science fraternity bring us closer to the body and brain, conjoining with the healing to bulletproof ourselves and our lives from all future negative attacks. Just connect to your life in the now and live this day well.

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