Astrology 2020: Healing the self is a consideration of secondary importance compared to soft heartedly expanding the energies of love and light and healing others.

Daily Horoscope:Your throat chakra is opening and your ability to communicate with the other has consolidated your positive destiny.

Astrology 2020: Healing hugs of silence. Love from the fundamentally important river of silence.

"Expanding your learning curve is exemplary and it will be appreciated from every corner of your world. Financial cost could force you to be relooking at your property investment.

Fortune and opulence spread out for nurturing the heart self in all the souls that are truly important to you and are connected to the divine wisdom appearing in the stars.

Read here...what stars hold for you in the coming week (Nov 13 - Nov 19). Celebrity Numerologist Hirav Shah predicts the week for you.

Daily Horoscope: Creative and happy, you will manifest ahead a new and healing consciousness. Stay with the light guiding your spiritual path forward.

Astrology 2020 : Know that intelligence and prosperity are enhancing your life goals as you walk towards them with confidence and courage.

12.11.2020 Special month, special healing, and special love to spread and heal with. Adventures of the heart take us on...

Daily Horoscope: This is no time to be rushed or impatient with your attitude towards family and friends.