Changing zones of new energy will help you in having a relaxed evening with some intellectual friends who stimulate your creativity and mind. Learning new skills for some of you will be an option.

Your upbeat outlook is creating a beautiful day and a wonderful week ahead which brings celebrations and continuous togetherness.

Being emotionally connected to others we must love, give affection and share the light of healing. One of the most common fictions is that we cannot control or have a choice in how we feel.

There are so many people around you who are willing to help you make your decisions based on your finances. Just follow your mind.

Never allow the attitude of another to persuade you to change the course of your life as under the shadow of the ego one could end up breaking relationships and experience loneliness.

finances will also need a review. You are considering spending money on a new car which you can ill afford at the moment.

Just continue to be a support to others, calmly taking steps to agree with others who are truly supportive of your spiritual consciousness. Healing hugs of truth and trust. Love from the heart of happiness.

Chances are that you could get a good fortune moment in the middle of the day and theend result is good for all.

A senior family member will need immediate medical help. So, be attentive and take charge of all situations at home and at work.

“I am seated in the centre of comfort and happiness and powerfully flow through with the divine wisdom unfolding “.