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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (March 10)





Message of the Day – By Renooji


Beloved Beasts!

Desirelessness is a strong trait that is the sign of a great and committed student and all The Masters of the light bless the devotee/ student eternally. The pattern of complete non attachment keeps us away from conjecturing and making plans for the future, even sometimes wondering about others and making plans for them that they do not want to adhere to or even have in their book of karma. It is best to leave things to unfold according to our own designs written in our book of karma
by us and let the beasts of human nature remain fed and silent and allow the beloved energies of divine grace to anoint our life with richness. In this journey of life we should not be attached to anything except the light of healing, the guru and The Divine. When we live in the moment and perfectly do our karmic duties, remember they unfold automatically;non attachment even becomes visible in the eyes which are freed from wanting and greed. The gaze then focuses on the light which comes from a far off place, remote from this world, and one begins to travel in those realms with new impressions about the purpose of this human life. Healing hugs of great repute. Love from the unfolding beauty of our spontaneous healed heart.

Reading this-
It heals my Spleen and Pancreas chakras.

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