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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (March 22)

It heals my mind and heart chakras.

Message of the day

Security and Surrender!

As we all rejoice on this day, overlooking your life, there is tranquility and peace, the beauty of your life seems to be calling out to you. We must let people come to us, seek us out instead of searching, looking and forever going out for them. It is an unforgettable experience when one is surrendered to the light and secure in the self. Enjoying the company of the inner self. Experience everyone as the sum total of your karmic experience and goodness with like minded souls. We do not need to waste a lot of our life seeking and thinking that others have something more than we do. We must build the capacity to renunciate, live in peace, in that one secure place in the heart where the mind rests in silence. Develop your own healing practice in solitude, surrender to the Divine plan for you, daily energise your own chakras and destiny with the light of healing. Thrive in this new space and know that you are now well on your way to success. Discipline yourself as a disciple of the Divine Energies and take full responsibility for your actions and inactions. Healing hugs of community. Love from the self, seeking attention.

Reading this-
It heals my mind and heart chakras.

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