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Astrology 2023: Message of the Day (March 9)





Message of the Day – By Renooji


Peace and Perfection!

There was a young disciple, whose way of talking was rather unusual and was responsible for taking the peace away from the others present. As he did not show the usual respect for his guru, and thus left an unpleasant taste in the hearts of those witnessing the episode. He was in fact inwardly perfectly respectful and at complete peace with the teachings of the guru, but it was his upbringing that made him behave the way he was doing. He was particularly unusual in his behaviour even with others present, blatantly disrespectful towards others, but the guru embraced him with love because the guru saw the inner pure self. The guru’s embrace opened the eyes of the others present and they watched their little egos of judgement floating away in the cosmic sea of love flowing from the heart of the Master. We have to keep our consciousness immersed in the ocean of teaching of the Master, in order to remain centred we must heal all that keeps us connected to this body and this life. The true realms of light protect us forever. Healing hugs of devotion to the guru. Love from all the rivers of light coming from the Masters!

Reading this-
It heals my liver and gall bladder chakras.

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