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Daily Horoscope: Your Zodiac and Forecast (February 04)

Expect to pay your debts with other souls and be satisfied with your happiness and growth

1. Aries


“Create a harmonious relationship with your boss and seniors at home to stay balanced. Your emotional self is fragile and this makes you very introspective and some of you could end up feeling sad at the end of the day. You are truly supportive of your spiritual consciousness, but somehow the day begins in a way that unsettles you.”

2. Taurus


“Some of you could be disturbed by the others getting in the way of your accomplishments. Your work today is in harmony with your plans and what you set out to do. You are also in a good position to work with the people who are willing to help you make your own life situations better.”

3. Gemini


“Continue to take responsibility for the betterment of life and work in the office but not at the cost of your health. There will be a huge pattern of life experiences and relaxation going hand in hand with your ability to leave sadness behind. Growing financial resources will leave you entangled in a journey of investments.”

4. Cancer


“Do not feel obligated to do things just for others. Definitely do something for yourself today. Major changes will continue with the work ahead and some confusion will continue with a strong presence of discontentment with revenue generation. This leaves you very stressed.”

5. Leo


“The urge to mingle and socialise is strong and beneficial to learning new skills. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend but the future of your relationships is full of friendliness. Expect to pay your debts with other souls and be satisfied with your happiness and growth.”

6. Virgo


“Confiscated documents will be returned and this return is completely confidential and makes you happy. There will be a family reunion that puts things in respective perspective and relationships will contribute towards the betterment of life and future happiness. There will be good news at the end of the day.”

7. Libra


“Saying too much or stepping out of line in the hierarchy of things can be detrimental. Keep a balanced and creative cool head today. There will be plenty of people who will show some attitude towards the completion of the work, and you may have to make sure that your work is complete.”

8. Scorpio


“You will be guilt free from today, and a random comment by someone has the power to change the course of your life today. Chances are that an international connection for work fructifies. This makes you very happy and satisfied. Calling the kettle black is not in your mind, but something is impelling you to be frank.”

9. Sagittarius


“Take time to nurture your spiritual strengths and your self today, and know that the time ahead is full of fun. Your needs are few but you need to definitely take a special trip to be with yourself and reflect on your next course of action. Just being helpful to others is not what you are born to do. You have to work at bettering yourself.”

10. Capricorn


“Join a friend on an adventure trip and enjoy the trekked land as it is dear to the aesthetic in you. Exciting patterns are unfolding but you will inspire your own eyes to see the truth about something you have been apprehensive about. Connect to the truth of the moment and rejoice that you are waking up from your slumber.”

11. Aquarius


“Continue the plan of your loving self as you will consolidate something that has a long term impact on your future. Pretending that you love your destiny unfolding, there has to be one more aspect to your future. Continue to connect to goodness and let go of the negative. You are truly important to the family, so connect and work together with your responsibilities.”

12. Pisces


“Take cognisance of the fact that you are intelligent but eventually it is everyone’s individual journey and others can be stubborn in their choices. Contain your excitement about your promotion as there are other issues that need to be resolved first. Be prepared to resolve conflict with a colleague and move ahead with friendliness in your heart.”

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