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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (July 5)

. You are empathetic and helpful but people do not understand your life circumstances.




Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for05.07.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“Continuous patterns of the flow of love in the environment brings you a stupendous experience of the heart where the expectation will be that it lasts forever. Favourable publicity and a new pattern of fame takes you down a new road of happiness. Continue to charge yourself with courage to help yourself heal diligently and share with others your wisdom.”

2. Taurus

“Expansion of new thoughts makes you progress with your work and also brings you recognition for your brilliance. Continue to look out for the welfare of the family and inspire them to live well. Right now you have to make sure you get the money and learn to keep it. Getting your thoughts and energy behind a startup brings you satisfaction and a bright future.”

3. Gemini

“Benevolent and beneficial for your heart health, will be the new strength coming from your new regime of fitness and eating right. You are incredibly busy now and cannot take on more responsibility, still people around you will expect you to participate and conceptually move to a better space of work. Continue to work for the welfare of your community.”

4. Cancer

“Joining the dots and taking a wise decision to move towards changing everything leaves you happily ensconced in a new job, new home or a new relationship. Some of you will be courageous in even changing your financial environment and take risks. Others’ attentiveness will add to your feeling of confidence.”

5. Leo

“Conceptualise and create a conservative assessment of what you need for the work environment and improve the financials and help the others to achieve success in all new perspectives. This will leave you feeling validated as you become part of the success. You are empathetic and helpful but people do not understand your life circumstances.”

6. Virgo

“Stop patronising a sibling as there are more important issues to address. Contained in an email or letter could be an emotional manipulation or threat that could leave you stressed. Consolidate your power and balance in the process of creating a different perspective on your social networking skills and make new friends.”

7. Libra

“For your efforts you deserve and will continue to be rewarded with happiness and prosperity. You are empathetic and compassionate but there could be a better way to make your decisions for your future journey forward with your family. Some of you could be struggling with some past baggage that leaves you hurt and unhappy.”

8. Scorpio

“Harmonising the conflict within the family over financial issues could take up a lot of your time today and also leave you feeling exhausted. It will be a challenge to stay open to the possibilities that your family support is garnering for you. It is all about your attitude, the spirit you bring to your activities will speak to volumes, about who you are now and how you see life.”

9. Sagittarius
“Demonstrate your solidarity with the group at work to become an integral part of the inner core team. Your abilities and strength at getting things done leaves you valued. Domestic matters shall keep you totally entangled in life. Your mother’s health will also keep you feeling a little stressed.”

10. Capricorn

“Just as you awaken to the new duties being thrust upon you, there will be a further change of heart. Your life remains confused but you are definitely looking forward to spending time with your parents to sort things out. It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are not being productive or contributing to the family finances, but today you can change this.”

11. Aquarius

“Beautiful patterns of life experiences create a melody of memories to unravel and help you get closer to your loved ones. There is still so much more to experience and preserve in the heart. By acting now you can put an end to all unhealthy habits and move to a more progressive work attitude. Be in an adventurous mood for some reason to create a beautiful memory with loved ones.”

12. Pisces

“Energetic and valued for your intellect, you will bring a great charm to any organisation. Some of you could use this charm in an interview for a new job. Someone you know will be afflicted with ill health. Worry and hurry will be the mood of the day. You must do a detailed research before you plan to change anything with your life goals.”

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