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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (June 01)

Consolidated finances will support something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Attract a spiritual friend, and know that you are safe.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac

Aura Guidance (all 12 signs)

1. Aries


“Set clear limits and move ahead with the conviction that you are right. Set clear limits and decide your plan and not let anyone force you to take a specific position. Intimidating you into doing something could be someone’s plan, steer clear. Align your body with your heart desires and help your happiness to move in.”

2. Taurus


“Consenting to help will deserve that you follow through and do the needful. More tomorrow with the work will create a finance resource that leaves you feeling happy. Use your imagination to build a new product for your business venture to ensure interest. Just be careful with the health of the parents.”

3. Gemini


“Confronting a family member may lead to unnecessary stress for future relationships with family. Continue to keep balance and move towards your life circumstances ahead. A conflict at work can be resolved with a complete process and a simple compromise. Knowing the right people in the right place and seeking help is a great quality in you.”

4. Cancer


“Do the additional work willingly as there are many who would like to take over. This may or may not be of benefit to you. Continue to be amenable to all the changes suggested by the boss. You could be better off on your own and reflecting on things gone by could only lead to slipping into denial and making wrong decisions.”

5. Leo


“Just when you think that your way to the end of the day, is obsolete and there is nothing that can happen, you are surprised by last minute decisions that are truly supportive of your work. Complete things and enjoy your journey ahead. Relax with family and know that celebration is called for.”

6. Virgo


“You are meandering around aimlessly and your consciousness is affected to consolidate some negative thoughts and influences. Refrain from sending your thoughts on the network of criticism and complaints. Just be patient and healing will flow to heal all. You are very strongly aligned with your spiritual side, so meditate and heal.”

7. Libra


“Creative expressions are flowing through your aura, but you have to be silent, otherwise there will be problems connected to your speech. Use the choice and the voice of experience to follow through and get the work done without acrimony. Seek expert advice to help others financially.”

8. Scorpio


“Surrounding you from this point forward is a new set of work rules that leave you frustrated but you will eventually realise that it is in your benefit. Gather a new set of rules to implement and there will be all around respect generated to stay. Your life style is expected to be redrawn. Stay in harmony with family as you will lose in all conflicts.”

9. Sagittarius


“You are going through a great time so enjoy it. You are feeling that you are burdened unfairly financially with the family responsibilities, but remember all that the others have done for you. Situations affecting you financially affect your personal situation within the family, which seem inescapable.”

10. Capricorn


“Consolidated finances will support something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Attract a spiritual friend, and know that you are safe. You are being unfairly saddled with tasks that are not your responsibility. Be patient as your unwillingness could affect your reputation and work abilities.”

11. Aquarius


“You will be in the mood to explore and even go off on a solitary expedition. You might be questioning where you want to be, because you may feel disheartened by the way things are working out. Challenges at work or unnecessary expenditure could be more difficult to complete.”

12. Pisces


“Stop complaining as you are getting repetitive. A methodical approach to doing things will leave you feeling enriched. Confrontational people will be there in the order of the day, but the best is to keep out of their way. Avoid arguments, obstructions and road rage. Pleasant evening with family will enrich your aura.”

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