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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 15)

Gathering a part of yourself, it is good to safeguard yourself with the Divine wisdom unfolding in your heart and mind.





1. Aries


“To make the most of your day today, you may take appropriate action in the office to show courage and compassion for wellness for your all around success involving the whole team. There will be continued appreciation for all that you will do today. At home and outside your reputation is becoming positive.”

2. Taurus


“Connect to your family for a long run of healing the self. Money comes your way and you will be able to use it for a long term trip to generate more finances. Recently there has been a great business idea that looms large in your inner psyche. You will eventually even get your message about the self-awareness from your inner heart.”

3. Gemini


“Chances are that you could end up being in the office today but at the same time doing all the work. Gathering a part of yourself, it is good to safeguard yourself with the Divine wisdom unfolding in your heart and mind. People you don’t trust will be true to their character and your desires to be rewarding will end up you resenting their patterns of deception.”

4. Cancer


“Even those who are clearly set to be close to you are not making a fortune, but they are truly appreciated and extremely happy. You are financially drawing up some legal papers for your future security and this step is extremely important to you. Just stop short of picking a fight within the family.”

5. Leo


“The situation looks great and encouraging as far as your personal life is concerned and there will be a new confidence that shines forth. Explanations will be long and time consuming but it is best to forgive and resolve conflicts immediately. The stars make you very determined to achieve your goals and move towards new destinations.”

6. Virgo


“Be active and communicative with the world as your talents are going to be recognised and explored. Your family will stand by you and firmly support you. There will be excitement in the heart and even some celebrations for you. Continue to explore and understand your world.”

7. Libra


“Be careful that you do not make all the decisions from the heart and then repent from the head. Allow others to do things for you. Mindful choices will empower your status and allow you to network positively. You may be returning to an old pattern of doing things but today you will inspire your own inner self confidence to resurface.”

8. Scorpio


“Just when you think all is well, you are surprised at the turn of events. There will be a family reorganisation with you increasing your responsibilities but your finances support your life decisions. Your patterns of life and healing are joining up to bring you lots of happiness and for the family members, happy events.”

9. Sagittarius


“Gathering a lot of information is not sufficient for you to progress as you will also need to know how to implement it. Finances for the family are growing as are the expenses. Be sufficiently satisfied to create a balanced work schedule which helps you reach your goals in time.”

10. Capricorn


“Some of you are inspired to grow professionally and others will feel exhausted. Be in a giving mood to receive love. The time of a windfall gain is arising and most of you will feel satisfied by the end of the day. Charge ahead with new level of ideas and know that some of them are brilliant and will give you huge revenue.”

11. Aquarius


“There is a huge work stress and some of you may financially feel that you may buckle under the pressure. Concentrated efforts at society and family support being built up will take up your time today. Chances of a family reunion are in the order of things to do. Conceptualise your feelings of the heart and look for support from your soul mate.”

12. Pisces


“Some of you are the leaders that your family looks up to. Get out of your worn-out routine and enjoy the different flavours of life. You are subconsciously thinking about yourself and still keeping your thoughts on the future rather than in the now. Keep your thoughts at the work and know that there is a lot of success ahead for you.”


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