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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 20)

There seems to be a lot happening beneath the surface, so don’t dismiss the ideas others are bringing to your table for discussions





1. Aries


“Expanding your savings will lead to an investment in property in the immediate future. Jointly held assets will grow and provide you a buffer for a business negotiation. Expansion of your finances will put you in the league with people you admire.”

2. Taurus


“Perhaps you need to delve further in your relationships with your family and their relationship with your money. Someone promotes you and your work which leaves you happy. Knowing the self and others is something that you pride yourself about, but someone is needing your support and you are blissfully unaware about the situation.”

3. Gemini


“Bending the rules to take the business forward is your life goal today. Expanding the future journey with kindness and the art of work and appreciation will prove to be the best. There seems to be a lot happening beneath the surface, so don’t dismiss the ideas others are bringing to your table for discussions.”

4. Cancer


“Creative inputs from a senior executive will put you in the running for a plum assignment that sets you to get recognition. So work hard and excel. The great thing about your life is that you can never stop getting surprised with the amount that people will do for you.”

5. Leo


“Joint celebrations with family togetherness will create an atmosphere of happiness and respect. Chose the light and healing for wellness and progress towards excellence in the future success of the work. Something new may unfold for you today that makes you smile.”

6. Virgo


“There is an opportunity for you to invest for the self and on behalf of others, to make a very lucrative financial deal. This could be linked to your personal willingness to do good for others. Just relax and move on in the family conflict situation. One needs to ignore areas of control and conflict.”

7. Libra


“Some of the best and most lucrative strategies will be implemented by you and that will bring revenue that even you did not expect. This may be linked with your job and a desire to move forward financially with the betterment of life and future prosperity. Just be good to the others and family to remain settled.”

8. Scorpio


“Some of the best and more at successful people will change their patterns after seeing your excellence. Today you can make something special for your family and your family will be rewarded with happiness and prosperity. There will be a chance to pick up a new skill after you complete the work schedule.”

9. Sagittarius


“Obstacles will disappear after you move ahead with the work of your life experiences and create new bonds in all your relationships. Help from those of the opposite sex will give you a lot of comfort. Your attitude may cause some discomfort to the people at home but you will continue with your plan.”

10. Capricorn


“All stress situations are easing out and now is the time when you have become more calm and your relationships with others will inspire success to flow through your aura. With a calmer environment and grand plan in your mind, you can also bring some more time with your family and also ensure your financial growth.”

11. Aquarius


“Money matters could come to a boiling point and you can gain ground by the end of the day. You detach from the drama of life, and try to manifest a destiny to be happy. Love your family circle and blessings are flowing through your life experiences today which will manifest a great you.”

12. Pisces


“Try to stay calm and focussed towards the financial investments. Getting upset of creating a controversy about money should be avoided at any cost. Whatever happens is your destiny path unfolding and you can do your bit by participating with love and forgiveness.”

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