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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (March 27)

Creating the new you under the guidance of a healer/ guru or guide will find you enjoying life more and more

1. Aries


“As the patterns of financial growth in all spheres bring you satisfaction still you will be dissatisfied with your success. As the explosion of an issue highlights some incompetence in your team you could end up being demoralised. Step away from work and spend time with family to revive your mood of happiness.”

2. Taurus


“Continuous patterns of financial growth will continue flowing through with your relationships with professionals getting stronger. Balanced diet for your health care brings you safety from disease and weakness. Be in a framework of healing action for the betterment of life and prosperity.”

3. Gemini


“Very strong vibrations of insecurity touch you at the core of your being and leave you feeling very anxious. Reach out to family and your relationships with others who support you to feel protected and comforted. You are definitely going into your work with a sense of getting things done.”

4. Cancer


“Getting into a new rhythm of work will leave you thrilled with the outcome. Family will be taking a lot of your time and will put pressure on your financial revenue that could leave you feeling stretched and uncomfortable. Put your best foot forward for your own spiritual consciousness to deal with the day’s happenings.”

5. Leo


“Specific and precise details are definitely going to make you feel comfortable sending them forward. Just when you think things are going well, there could be a setback. Your ambitions and your family’s future journey are tied up for a successful future but you are still struggling to find the right way.”

6. Virgo


“Participation in the seminar will help resolve the issue with your boss. You are overworked and tired but you still have a lot of stamina left to excel. Changes in your attitude will attract a lot of compassion, kindness and happiness into your family interactions.”

7. Libra


“Participating with your life experiences and sharing them forward makes you very unusual. People will flock to you to take advice and resist for support. Look forward to your future success in financial investments and know that you are fully protected from loss.”

8. Scorpio


“Manufacturing and sales are definitely taking up a lot of your time but you are definitely favouring rightfully to step back and look at the new narrative. You will be able to accomplish your goals in the next week and then will continue to work with diligence and new effort.”

9. Sagittarius


“Just as the light sets on a work project you will be inundated with new work. Creating the new you under the guidance of a healer/ guru or guide will find you enjoying life more and more. Separated from your depressive and non-inclusive environment you will enjoy the freedom of your inner self. Stay and celebrate.”

10. Capricorn


“Connected to your inner space of silence you will be able to hear and listen to what people around you want to communicate. There is a huge energy of gold following you that will help you achieve success and convert all possibilities into actualisation of life moments. Stay confident with the family support and move on.”

11. Aquarius


“Beautiful and magnificent places excite you and travelling to them with loved ones an exciting journey. Continue to work hard and know that you are being supported by a family that is together and loving. New work on the horizon may make you feel vulnerable but eventually all ends well.”

12. Pisces


“Mentally you are being supported by a spiritual consciousness but you have to work hard today so that there are no stones left unturned. Just as a casual look brings information, so a casual encounter will open up professional doorways for you. Look into your heart for new ways to show love.”


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