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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (November 15)

There is a creative impulse that is converting the light of knowledge into a greater connection with the work that you will be able to achieve at the end of the day.”

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 15.11.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“Challenges will be many today but you will follow through beautifully and come out a winner. You have many opportunities to widen your scope of work and gather valuable information and knowledge. You are starting a new phase in your life where the opportunities towards excellence are many, it depends how you fit into the new schemes.”

2. Taurus

“Make the most of the day as you plan, talk or manoeuvre your way out of a difficult situation easily. Your negotiating skills are enhanced by your constant thoughts of gratitude. Take charge you of your family at home and the attention they are needing is completely protective for your work.”

3. Gemini

“Carve out a new pattern you want to support your family but also know that a lot of time will be spent in the work place to uplift your reputation. You are sometimes careless about completing the task at hand and this is irritating others. Spend time together with your friends and be happy.”

4. Cancer

“All creative patterns for you are always the turning point in your life that inspires you to manifest success. Just be careful with your finances as those are not going well for your spending is out of control. Others are unkindly taking advantage of your goodness. Be grateful to the Divine grace that is giving you the ability to move forward.”

5. Leo

“Today is a very pleasant day that brings you close to a lot of people who matter and for some of you, pleasant social contacts and activities allow you to have fun. Someone clean and very close to you will need medical attention and this will keep you busy for the day. Changing your attitude is a good idea.”

6. Virgo

“The best moments you are going to enjoy in the next few months will be when you will make lots of money and are going to be able to share it with others. Spontaneous adventure and vacations taken by friends will leave you feeling unhappy but remember you did not want to go and spend money and they did not leave you out purposely.”

7. Libra

“Life looks very good from where you are standing today and the way to keep it this way is to remain silent. The good news is that some financial openings are coming your way, and something related to a shared property or inheritance will keep you busy.”

8. Scorpio

“A new job is possible for some of you and for the others there will be good news for the betterment of life and prosperity for your family life. Some hard work is needed for you to be situated in a space of financial comfort and with the ability to help close ones who need complete support. Just be careful you are not going to do something that gets you into some trouble.”

9. Sagittarius

“Today the energies are helpful in putting you in the limelight which gets you lots of attention. It will be helpful to release your negative thoughts and it will be balanced with the Divine wisdom gracefully in your third eye chakra. Your prospects at success are looking very favourable.”

10. Capricorn

“Your focus on work and family love and life continues, which leaves you with much else at social functions to worry about. Steer clear of all controversies and be benevolent towards the lower section of society. Make every action count as you will be working for someone close to you, who needs special care.”

11. Aquarius

“Concentrate on yourself and relax as your mind will be better equipped to help and execute the work assigned to you. There is a creative impulse that is converting the light of knowledge into a greater connection with the work that you will be able to achieve at the end of the day.”

12. Pisces

“Mentally there is a huge pressure that makes everyone very nervous. You will be in a space of maturity, where all that you do is generate goodness and care for others. Take a firm stand when it comes to choosing one sibling over another. Garnering your commentary with a new flavour will convince everyone. Financially you may feel that you are wealthier than the others, but there should have been a very negative attitude towards the family that is making you helpless.”

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