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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (November 18)





1. Aries
“Be easy on your self and make sure that things for work are in order. You have been given
permission to lead a team, as there will be time later to move on and meet friends and spend
quality time. Very strong vibrations of true love and romance are coming up for most of you.
There is a strong desire for happiness and grace will unfold.”


2. Taurus
“Your new perspective will teach you a great lesson in the real world. It is time to build in your
finances and some of you could be looking at buying property. Just be good to yourself. Slowing
down your pace to let others catch up will keep you in the loop to be chosen as the leader. Be
proactive when it comes to social work within the community.”


3. Gemini
“Expand your work and your horizons for better work ahead. Never consider yourself to be less
than. You will need to understand clearly the needs of the others and what responsibilities you
need to take on with strength for the benefit of others. Changes in your moods are not good, so
meditate to resolve inner anger.”


4. Cancer
“You are definitely welcome to join the new group in office but you have not been specifically
able to perform well at your work and on the other hand that you have been instrumental in
obstructing others’ success, this could lead to conflict. The only reason you have to worry is
then that there will be a heavy price to pay in the negotiations. So just be patient today.”


5. Leo
“There is seldom any time for you to call for help as the only person who can help is you
yourself. Just make it a point to change your mind when you are doing your work. Love your
family at the end of the day as they support you fully. Mentally you will be fully charged to
change things at work.”


6. Virgo
“Just wait patiently as everything changes soon. Beautiful surroundings, renovations, art and
music will be the perfect way for the day to unfold, leaving you enriched. Your patterns of the
romanticism within you help to create happiness for your life experiences and unfold a genius
mind that promotes a new style of getting things done in the shortest time .”



7. Libra

“Exhausted and drained, someone close to you will need your positive energy to revive the plan
of togetherness. You might encounter demanding individuals, who cannot be satisfied, no
matter what you do. Be very patient during the day as your endurance is part of your
personality that helps you navigate and cross through tough terrain in the workplace.”


8. Scorpio
“You must improve your daily routine to progress beyond your plans. There will be some
people around you who will not understand your plan and may try hard to thwart your plans.
But you are an intense individual and will be able to progress through without taking risks.”


9. Sagittarius
“You are forcibly associating with people who dampen your mood. You will be enthusiastic
about a new relationship, but there is someone in your life who wants you to give them a
second chance. You do not have to do anything that you do not want to do, as you are moving
ahead with the Divine frontiers supporting you and your plans.”


10. Capricorn
“Your plans at work are going through a little extra time, with family togetherness suffering.
Allow both fond and painful memories at home and at work to emerge so that all can be
healed. You may have a lot to say today in the office, but be wise that you word everything


11. Aquarius
“Extended family will need help to heal their financial trauma. Helping them achieve success in
their journey ahead with some personal support will end up with trust in each other. You are
truly supportive of your family and they will appreciate your efforts. Cancelling an important
evening will not be understood by someone close to you.”


12. Pisces
“Your commitment to work is appreciable. There is no hurry to work late as most things are
well prepared for tomorrow. Leave time to do something that makes you happy and helps you
de-stress. Timely response to your business associates will bring you back to your work place
and working hard to complete the project in time.”