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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (November 20)




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1. Aries
“A decision that has very long term consequences will be put off by you. Work and personal
matters will go hand in hand today and you will be able to give care to both situations. You may
coincidentally have a good fortune day as you do the right thing at the right time.”


2. Taurus
“Chances of a huge success with the work leaves you expectant and enthusiastic, but you need
to also put in the effort. Never let other people’s attention or mood impact your performance
at work. You are craving for success as well as some recognition in your work sphere.”


3. Gemini
“You will inspire your happiness and prosperity by doing things at the right time and the right
place. You must be completely aware of your plans and control your impulsive instincts that
could emerge only when you need to be silent. You can accomplish anything today but not
without your relationships supporting you.”


4. Cancer
“Challenging someone in the office without adequate knowledge and support could leave you
feeling alone and stressed. Plenty of people will have a better chance to see the results of the
success but you will have a slow start today. Expand your consciousness in confidence to inspire
your creativity to flow.”


5. Leo
“Maintaining your spiritual consciousness along with your material pursuits gives you an edge
over your co workers and subordinates, which leaves feeling better. Connect to your reservoir
of information and you will be rewarded with a good raise. Consolidate your finances and your


6. Virgo
“There will be a lot of changes in your attitude that will attract happy people towards yourself.
If you have a pattern of trying to control an international client, you will cause a problem for all
concerned. There is a huge amount of compassion for your spiritual path that brings you a very
strong presence of goodness that spreads around you.”



7. Libra
“You are a family member of a huge family and care distinctly towards your relationships, but
reciprocation is limited. Establish a new momentum and create happiness for your future
journey forward with the divine grace and prosperity being your best friends.”


8. Scorpio
“You will be happy with the results of your work. Spare some time in the day for an elder in the
family. Assert your authority to be the best choice in the office for the new project. Financially
there will be plenty of opportunities to add a list of achievements to your list of


9. Sagittarius
“All is happening now and it is because you are still connected to your ex flame or lover. Some
of you could be still looking for your true love. To succeed you will have to persuade or push
people forward. There will be a strong connection with your family and your finances will help
resolve family responsibilities.”


10. Capricorn
“You will continue the work schedule and your relationships at work will improve drastically
through the day. You may have noticed that you have entered a busier time in your life.
Positively you are excited about the success looming large in your financial upliftment. Be
patient with your family supporting your health and mind.”


11. Aquarius
“Choose to be better than your destiny unfolding in your spiritual wisdom, as there is no one to
help you create happiness, or joy. Appearances of people and perceptions of the others leaves
everyone confused and you are not sure how you feel at the end of the day.”


12. Pisces
“Asking others for intervention to help make your decisions is not the best way forward. This is
a good time to make long term plans for the future. Reorganise your home, if it needs
redecoration, do it now. You might have problems with some seniors to express yourself. Be
cautious of malicious behaviour.”