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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (December 6)

Be safe and do not try to change things in a hurry. You will be supported by your juniors at work and by family at home.





Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for 06.12.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“You will be a very strong contender for a new position at work and at the end of the day you will get good news for sure. Intellectually there will be some new learning possibilities that will leave you stunned. Creative in your work and financial betterment, you are progressing in your endeavours and there is no looking back in today’s adventure.”

2. Taurus

“You are definitely more energetic and this further spurs you to work hard. Be prepared to spend time with your family and know that you are completely safe and healthy and everyone is involved today in helping you in completing your work at hand. Chances of a new work or project makes you think hard about where you would like to be in the next few months.”

3. Gemini


“Be safe and look after your health as the aura needs some rest. Mentally you will feel exhausted but physically you have a lot of strength and vigour today to move ahead and get things done. Changing your attitude towards a loved one will help you resolve conflict within the family.”

4. Cancer

“Change your mood and continue to attack the work at hand and know that tomorrow is a better day. Your life will inspire your happiness and glory will bless your family life and you will feel energetic. You are on the brink of a huge breakthrough that will be truly appreciated by your work team. Relax and rejuvenate.”

5. Leo

“People’s association, their entertainment and their company, all moving away and leaving you lonely. Chances of a breakthrough will continue to work for you in a good way. There will be recognition for the work completed. An unexpected financial transaction goes through leaving you relieved and happy.”

6. Virgo

“All manners of difficulties and obstructions will inspire hard work and at the end of the day you will inspire success in your team members and put everyone in a happy mood at the end of the work day. Changes at home also makes you happy and leaves you intermingling with family.”

7. Libra

“Experts, mediators and financial venture capitalists will have a great beginning in their respective fields today. Benefactors will be in a good position to elicit a change in the world of their life circumstances. Allow your own insights to guide you towards happiness and success. Continue sending your thoughts on love to someone you are beginning to care about deeply.”

8. Scorpio

“Monetarily you are truly appreciated by your family but in your heart you feel that you could do better. Allow others to also do things for you as they are not feeling included. Be in a state of financial meditation as you are going to need to reorient your financial planning for the upcoming commitments that you made some time ago.”

9. Sagittarius

“Generous patterns of healing strength and wisdom will take you to a new high. Continue to be approachable to your juniors as there is a strong connection with the success of your enterprise and of their effort and their support. Challenging situations are putting you into a greater connection with your financial security and your finances in the now.”

10. Capricorn

“It is a good day as you will have clarity and progress. Join family in a celebration or social event and recognise how much you are loved. Create a vibration of love in your aura and move with confidence as the universe is responding to a very strong heart desire, which will be fulfilled today.”

11. Aquarius

“You will flower a new personality today that is here to stay. Rest and recreation will be needed to ideate further with your peers. Harmonising your relationships is important to the people around you and today it will seem important to you as well. Gather your emotions with compassion and happiness will spread within the family.”

12. Pisces

“Be comfortable with the advice but do not act upon it. Chances of a major work crisis taking up most of your waking time could leave you mentally, emotionally, financially spiritually exhausted. Be safe and do not try to change things in a hurry. You will be supported by your juniors at work and by family at home.”

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