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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (November 22)

Consider a financial investment as an opportunity to secure your future.





Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for22.11.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“You will get more at things your way, and care must be taken to not upset the elders in the family circle. The goodwill of the elders in the family will be needed and you will be surprised by the positive response that you will encounter. You will depend on the support for the betterment of life and future prosperity.”

2. Taurus

“Partner up with people who have the same artistic and creative aesthetics with excellence in all you do with your life and future journey. People will be to help you in investigating the various options that are opened up for your future journey forward. Contain your excitement as some of you will slowly be falling in love.”

3. Gemini

“There will be a huge sense of joy to be with your family and your finances will inspire others to also bring themselves into the work fully endowed with responsibility. Relax, your place is secure. Try not to upset people whose good will and help you may have to depend upon in the near future. Spend time going through things that help to uplift your mood.”

4. Cancer

“Just keep doing. Keep everyone guessing about your abilities and challenges. People you want to spend time with may be busy, so time alone is the order of the day. The key to having a successful problem-free day is to emotionally and physically give of yourself to your family. Financially keep your resources safe, as buying friendship does not suit you.”

5. Leo

“There is a sense of foreboding that is leaving you with friends and likeminded and needy people. Since when have you been secretive about your thoughts? A growing interest in the occult sciences and astrology will make you spend personal time and money, which you can ill afford at this moment. Be careful as things need attention.”

6. Virgo

“Go over your personal papers, update your skill sets and CV as some of you may be looking for a new job. Talk to someone about your emotional problems as it will help you to resolve conflict in your inner heart. The pinkish orange light in your aura indicates success. Invest time in family to remain happy.”

7. Libra

“Getting the family together with the idea that you can be happy with each other, will be a greater impact on your soul. Perfection and determination will help you bypass negativity and will also help you to sort out the complaints of others. Connecting to your spiritual essence is truly supportive of your spiritual consciousness.”

8. Scorpio

“Just be yourself and don’t let people push you around. Rise above any controversy and show your competence to your seniors who matter. Perfection and determination will inspire you to be rewarded with freedom from negativity and complaints. Take responsibility and follow your own path today.”

9. Sagittarius

“Midday today and every day you will feel better. Eat healthy to up your stamina. Your relationships are also on the mend. Spend more time upgrading your skills and know that you must take time out to improve your appearance as well. A white light is spreading in your aura solidifying your attitudes or lack of.”

10. Capricorn

“Just stay with the actual people who will inspire you to work for success. Don’t believe everything that you hear, rely on people you know and ask plenty of questions and consider the consequences before taking side. Change things up a bit by putting your own twist on things and then the jigsaw puzzle will fall in your place.”

11. Aquarius

“Relax, be friendly and enjoy family time at the end of the day. A growing interest in different cultures and different people will keep you emotionally stable through the day, but over indulgence or intoxication could lead to a health problem at the end of the day. Take time to rest and stop worrying about what people say, as what you think is more important.”

12. Pisces

“Exciting things are generating a new impetus to your inner travel, meditation, healing and fitness will occupy a major part of your day. Sharing with people how you feel emotionally will help you release some of your accumulated stress. Consider a financial investment as an opportunity to secure your future.”

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