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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac & forecast (November 24)

Try not to upset the people who are most dear to you. Your words could be harsh but you mean well.





Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji

Aura Guidance for24.11.2022 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

“You need to make sure you know the difference between facts and opinions. You will get your way but you still need to be balanced in your approach with the people and be sensitive to the need of others. Try not to upset the people who are most dear to you. Your words could be harsh but you mean well.”

2. Taurus


“Relax and wait awhile and then decide what you bargained with your heart. Try not to react negatively about your destiny and compassion must be shown towards family who needs your help. If someone treats you badly, forgive them and move on as in the plan of life it does not impact your visions or your decisions in any way.”

3. Gemini

“Silence is your best option as there will be a controversial evening discussion with your spiritual journey options, but few will understand your sentiments. You are in a sentimental positionand could end up being taken for a ride. Someone will say something about your relationships with others and this will spark you off.”

4. Cancer


“Insights and understandings will grow and make you take some important things forward that leave you feeling happy. Reflect on all the people involved with your success and mentally thank them. You are in a gratitude framework and your mind is slowly improving the way things are flowing through your journey with the light.”

5. Leo

“You will be assisted to learn more and the stock market could benefit many of you. Now is the time to harness your finances. Test your skills and you will find you are talented. Now is the time when your family togetherness and happiness is the Divine wisdom unfolding and this creates a very warm feeling of comfort.”

6. Virgo

“A brand new idea about work could be taking up a lot of your mind space today. Time and energy will be spent to upgrade your position and it will bring good results. A new friend’s instructions could begin to irritate you, but, remember that you have been a willing participant in the past.”

7. Libra

“Challenges with your finances will keep you on the straight path and spending less. Be restful. Economic factors may need more attention as you are stressed about a loan you have to take or give. Keeping you cool will be necessary for you to come back to work with only progress and no arguments.”

8. Scorpio

“Discipline and focus can be drawn upon but you are not solely dependent on this energy as there are many feeding upon you. You will definitely have to disengage from doing things only for others. There is a pattern of your past that makes you depressive and it has something to do with your financial health.”

9. Sagittarius

“You will get down to sorting out the mess and starting afresh. Consolidate your finances and review what you are doing. Changes are imminent in the arena of work but you are so closed about your family needs. Ideally you will transform and review your experiences with your spiritual consciousness.”

10. Capricorn

“Some of you may be spending money on frivolous things – so, create a saving impetus to stop yourself from this behaviour pattern. Challenging you emotionally is your romantic relationship and this is a huge energy drain for you personally and professionally. You can do your job today and everyday but how well you do it, only time will tell.”

11. Aquarius

“Someone in the family is inducing a low mood and this could end up spoiling the day for you. Chances are that you could get a good fortune moment in the middle of the day and the end result is good for all. Renovations that have been out of your reach will be put into flow with some improvisations.”

12. Pisces

“There will be a huge gap between what you know and what you expect. Start something new today that makes you feel good about yourself. The routines you have enmeshed in your life are creating a very serious problem in the journey ahead. Contribute to the future happiness by just saying no to things. You will be discredited as a result you will be in a retaliatory mood.”

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