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Astrology 2023: Message of the day (April 21)

This is a healing moment to help you open up to the warmth and the tenderness of the light.





Message of the Day – By Renooji


Meditation-The inner consciousness awakening.

The space of light is flowing from Divvya and Me into your heart desires and your mind awareness to heal all known and unknown situations, emotions and things. This is a healing moment to help you open up to the warmth and the tenderness of the light. To open up your chakras and help you connect to the light which is healing and helping you connect to yourself and your higher energies. On your next breath in, see a luminescent whitish gold light entering your crown chakra, on the top of your head creating an halo around your head. See that the light is gently descending down upon you and reaching your feet. From the feet the light flows out to cover the floor around you with the luminescence. On your next breath in recognise that the whitish gold light is now resting and shining from the cellular structure of your body. You are now a body of pure light. Free of all contamination, free of sorrow, pain, anger and fear. Renewed, invigorated, balanced, healed, all fear, worry, tension, blockages, ill health, problems and anxiety completely eradicated. Stay in the light and know that you are moving ahead with this blessings filled light. Healing hugs of delight. Love from the luminous light of the source.
Renooji / Divvya.

  1. The coordinating chakras of the spiritual and the material body.
    2. The effulgent light flowing from the ocean of joy and bliss into our highest crown chakra.
    3. Engage with these chakras to benefit your heart desires and heart consciousness. See love and the golden light everywhere.

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