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As Mumbai’s Kaali-Peeli taxis go off the roads, nostalgia grips netizens including Anand Mahindra

As the iconic kaali-peeli taxis drive into sunset, lot many netizens got nostalgic and shared their long & memorable association with it.

New Delhi: Mumbai, the city of dreams has preserved its rustic charm and heritage over the years despite witnessing series of transformational changes and many success stories taking shape here.

Today, the metropolitan city said bid adieu to its iconic Premiere Padmini taxis. Marking the end of six-decade long run, the kaali-peeli taxis drove into the sunset with its last run on Mumbai streets on October 29.

The black & yellow taxis were a trademark of the city, hustling & bustling with 24×7 activity. There were a unique attraction for anyone visiting the city. For over 60 years, the kaali-peeli taxis ferried the travelers from one spot to another at very nominal prices. But, that will cease from today onwards.

The pulling out of Padmini taxis comes on back of phasing out of Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) buses in the city. The legendary red double-decker diesel buses were another trademark of the city.

Anand Mahindra pens heartfelt note

As the iconic kaali-peeli taxis drive into sunset, lot many netizens got nostalgic and shared their long association with it. Business tycoon Anand Mahindra too shared a picture of Padmini taxis on his X handle and recalled the ‘good times’ that they brought for city residents despite car’s uncomfortable & not spacious interiors.

“From today, the iconic Premier Padmini Taxi vanishes from Mumbai’s roads. They were clunkers, uncomfortable, unreliable, noisy. Not much baggage capacity either. But for people of my vintage, they carried tons of memories. And they did their job of getting us from point A to point B. Goodbye and alvida, kaali-peeli taxis. Thank you for the good times,” Anand Mahindra wrote.

Not just Mahindra Group chairman but many users took to their X handle and shared their nostalgic moment and revealed how they will always miss the kaalis-peelis.

About Mumbai’s Premier Padmini Taxis

The Premier Padmini cars were introduced in Mumbai as cabs in 1964. Owing to their success & wide appeal, their numbers kept increasing. However, the last vehicle that got registered in RTO records was on October 29, 2003.

Historians reveal that there were only cars manufactured in the country in 1970s – one was Ambassador & another was Padmini taxis.

The technology for Padmini taxis was reportedly borrowed from Italian automaker Fiat. Hindustan Motors was the manufacturer but as its fortunes plunged after liberalization, it stopped producing the cars.