Initially, India carried out “need-based testing” i.e. only people with history of history of travel to areas with active transmission and their close contacts were tested. But, last week, the ICMR has revised the strategy of COVID19 testing in India.

The surprising thing is that most of these patients do not have GI symptoms even though they have viral RNA in the faeces.

 Coronavirus Covid-19, which has already breached the 700-mark in the country, with maximum number of cases being reported on Thursday....

Elderly Italian people, while most of them live by themselves, are not isolated, and their life is characterised by a much more intense interaction with their children and younger population compared to other countries.

The risk of toxicity is dependent on daily dose and duration of use. At recommended doses, the risk of toxicity up to 5 years is under 1% and up to 10 years is under 2%, but it rises to almost 20% after 20 years.

Difficulty in breathing, pain or pressure in the chest, cold, clammy, pale and mottled skin, becoming difficult to rouse, blue lips or face and little or no urine output are some of Covid-19 infected patients.

During next three months all cases of cough will go for testing and more TB will be detected. In Initial phase there will be drip as patients may like to self-isolate for two weeks for any cough

New Delhi : The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday said that the “community transmission phase” of coronavirus...

Kapoor released the message after reaching home after his 14-day isolation. He appealed to people not to panic and cooperate with doctors and the government to ensure that the virus doesn't spread.