Coronavirus positive patients are isolated and quarantined to stop spread of disease, however the recovery rate is above 90-95%, according to medical experts.

When you ride a bus or subway, sneeze or cough into your elbow. Use a tissue to hold onto a pole. Avoid touching your face while you’re riding, and use hand sanitizer if you have it while you’re commuting.

The acceleration is like a T 20 cricket match. WHO has warned that the coronavirus disease pandemic is "accelerating", with more than 300,000 cases now confirmed.

The US CDC recommends that patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 be placed in a single-occupancy room with a closed door and dedicated bathroom

New York accounts for roughly 5 percent of the world’s confirmed cases, making it an epicenter of the pandemic and increasing pressure on officials to take more drastic measures.

The Union Territory of Lakshadweep has announced restrictions on certain activities. The Indian Railways has suspended all passenger train operations till March 31 in view of coronavirus.

The number of coronavirus positive patients in India rose to 471 on Monday, as per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

"There are no easy answers. It is exceptionally important that countries like India show the way to the world as they have done before," he added.

During lock down it’s important to continue looking after your physical and mental health as good immunity will help you fight the Coronavirus.