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Confirmed! Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff break up reason exposed; Deets inside

Jackie Shroff, actor and father of Tiger Shroff stated earlier this year to the media that his son has no plan to get married soon.



Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff

New Delhi: Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani’s speculative rumours about break-up are hitting off the headline for two days now. People are searching hard to find the actual reason for their breakup. ETimes with its report confirmed their break-up and cited the reason behind it.

In an interview with Etimes, a friend of the former couple revealed that “Disha and Tiger were almost living together ever since Tiger started staying separately from his parents, Jackie and Ayesha. A lot of time had passed since they were together and Disha stared feeling this year that they should tie the knot.”

The source continued, “She expressed this to Tiger but Tiger brushed it off. Of course, she must have told him more than just once or twice- but every time, Tiger’s response was a ‘No, abhi nahin’. Disha wanted shaadi but Tiger was not ready to commit into a matrimonial relationship for now.”

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff

Jackie Shroff, actor and father of Tiger Shroff stated earlier this year to the media that his son has no plan to get married soon. It was that time when reports claimed Disha and Tiger are planning to become man and wife. Jackie had stated, “Tiger is married to his work right now. Tiger is focused on his work with a laser-like focus. If he makes any plans for marriage, then he will focus on that.” Besides, he also stated to another section of media, “Tiger found his first friend who is a girl at 25, till then he never looked around, They share the same passions, dance and workout together. She comes from a family of army officers, so she understands the value of discipline. Who knows they may get married in the future or remain friends for life.”

Reacting to Disha and Tiger’s current relationship status, Jackie told the Times of India on Wednesday, “See, it is up to them whether they are together or not, whether they are compatible (with each other) or not. It is their love story, like me and my wife (Ayesha) have our love story.”

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff

Further, the source informed ETimes, “Tiger and Disha have no animosity towards each other. People have even been saying that it was Disha who had invested more in the relationship, but frankly, both were quite thick and fast.”

When asked about how Disha has been with the scenario, the source concluded by saying, “Disha has taken it well; she hasn’t be sulking. Plus, who knows, they might get back together after some time.” Well, Bollywood has had umpteen cases of kiss-and-make up, isn’t it?”