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Gulzar-Javed camaraderie had fans hooked to show, WATCH 2 literary legends in playful banter

Shifa Dutt



Javed Akhtar and Gulzar

Have you ever wondered how literary geniuses interact? Well, wonder no more. The visuals of the brilliant minds of Javed Akhtar and Gulzar Sa’ab transacting are making rounds on the internet and we can’t get enough of it. On the release of the Arvind Mandloi book ‘Jadunama: Javed Akhtar’s Journey’ a launch event was thrown by the legendary Gulzar Sa’ab. While the event started with Javed’s son Farhan Akhtar and his wife, the supremely talented Shabana Azmi reading a few excerpts from the book, what caught the attention of Netizens was the conversation and friendship of Javed Sa’ab and Gulzar Sa’ab.

Speaking about their journey and friendship in the busy city of Mumbai, Javed invited Gulzar on stage and began their hilarious yet charming exchange of wits. The two luminaries of the literary world spoke of their work in the industry, their observations on each other’s work and their fandom.

A viral video of Gulzar speaking of Javed’s song Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to Aisa Laga has got people talking about their closeness and unsparing humour. In the video, Gulzar amusingly points out that the description in Akhtar’s song seems like it is spoken for different women. This made Javed burst into laughter making the audience smile. He followed this with a clever poem about Javed that had the audience in bits. Versing a meeting with a fan, Gulzar ends his whimsical poetry by saying in the end he realized that this fan who said she admired his work, bid him goodbye thinking he was Javed Akhtar. Ending it by saying he was always afraid that Akhtar was a better writer.

Giving an equally funny response to this verse, Akhtar went on to narrate a fan incident where a man mistook him for Gulzar and didn’t fail to add his own spice to the hilarious incident. This friendship and camaraderie have caught a lot of attention and the video has garnered 538.2K views on Twitter. Desi Twitter users can’t get enough of this and call their “Wordcraft” “Pure Joy”!