A gathering of tens of thousands of migrant workers from across the city, walking towards Anand Vihar bus terminal to cross into Uttar Pradesh, took officials on the ground by surprise on Saturday. Till late evening, there was no relent in the sea of people marching towards the border.

On Tuesday when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a total lockdown in India for 21 days, he stressed upon one thing over and over - that in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Indians will have to practice social distancing. And ration shops around the country seem to have taken that instruction a bit too literally.

Even as the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas had scrapped the Ram Navmi mela, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minsiter Yogi Adityanath, on March 25 performed special puja and shifted Ram Lalla from the makeshift temple in Ayodhya to another a pre-fabricated temple in the same premises. This came after Yogi administration cancelled the Ram Navami mela in wake of coronavirus. However, there was no participation of public in these rituals as a complete lockdown was announced by PM Modi on March 24.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the of people of India for showing their gratitude to those who are serving others at the risk of getting infected by coronavirus themselves. People across the country came out of their homes and on their balconies at 5 pm on Sunday to clap, clang utensils and ring bells to express solidarity.Hover over the keyword to read more about the topic without leaving this page!PM Modi took to Twitter and thanked people for showing support. "The nation thanks every citizen who is leading the fight against Coronavirus. My gratitude to the countrymen," he tweeted.